Grantmaking & Program Areas

The David Berg Foundation is committed to strengthening Jewish institutions by preserving, interpreting, and making accessible the primary historical documents of the Jewish people. Permanent exhibition galleries and rare book rooms commemorating David Berg’s legacy have been built and endowed at museums, archival institutions and libraries in the United States, Israel and Europe; including the David Berg Rare Book Room at the Center for Jewish History (New York), and the David Berg Foundation Rotunda Gallery for new acquisitions at the National Library of Israel (Jerusalem).

The David Berg Foundation encourages the study and interpretation of Jewish history through museums, archives, libraries and cultural institutions. Exhibition content spans antiquity to the immigrant experience, Holocaust-era art and Judaica, and illuminated manuscripts and textiles. The Foundation supports research, conservation, and academic conferences; helps to acquire artifacts that document Jewish material culture; funds public programming; and produces scholarly publications to accompany exhibitions.

The David Berg Foundation is focused on combating global antisemitism and confronting racism and xenophobia through focused philanthropic efforts across the United States and Europe. The Foundation supports initiatives that contribute to the restitution of looted art, Holocaust education, ethics studies and individual responsibility.

The David Berg Foundation is committed to improving the lives of the most vulnerable. Foundation priorities include free civil legal services for victims of elder abuse and Orthodox victims of domestic violence; advancements in higher education programs that concentrate on law and legal history; and Jewish communal services that provide for the elderly and indigent. The Foundation remains focused on aid for the blind, palliative care patients and their families, and kosher food services and food rescue in the United States, Israel and Europe.

The David Berg Foundation prioritizes the preservation of Jewish heritage sites worldwide and restoration of architecturally significant synagogues and historic landmarks.